By: C (the one and only) | Date: Oct 31, 2013 |
Remembering that tonight is the 10th anniversary of the launching of the Midnight Mansion...

Halloween, 2013

By: Mayca Mycure | Date: Aug 13, 2013 |
I just found out who Midnight was... I did not even know Crimson Glory even though I am a Metal lover. It was a chance Meeting through YouTube ... and then ...It was Magical!. I was surprised and Moved by his Music, voice and lyrics. I was brought up here. Thank you very Much for this wonderful site and for your loving gesture to perpetuate his Memory.
Many greetings and love from Spain.

By: Dimitris Karatziobalis | Date: Jul 9, 2013 |
You Will Live Forever In Our Hearts And Even With Out You In This Planet Your Music Will Live Forever More

By: Eva | Date: Jul 8, 2013 |
Four years ago the wonderful voice of Midnight silenced. What a loss... It makes me sad to think that this great person never will walk the earth again, but I am grateful to have heard his voice and work. He still touches me from the world beyond. R.I.P Mighty Master Midnight.

By: dar sahlin | Date: Jul 8, 2013 |
I love you just as much today...yesterday...and will be forever in my heart....never forgotten...

By: pisces the dreamer | Date: Apr 29, 2013 |
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” AND though it has been nearly 4 love for you has not waned...Happy Birthday sweet prince...

By: Eric Brandon Michael Ridel | Date: Mar 18, 2013 |
Midnight is by far the greatest vocalist I have ever heard and I find it my honor to be the one to be able to hear him forever. May he rest in peace and I wish prayers and Godspeed to his family.

By: Sajeus | Date: Feb 10, 2013 |
Saw Crimson Glory with Todd La Torre last august, it was mind-blowing 'cause Todd is doing awesome job. But Midnight is Midnight and no-one can replace him.
It's sad because the best ones seems to be in (other) dark places, but I'm sure that in death we all find the answer. We can't learn enough during this life time
I'm glad that I found Midnights music. His music and his vocals are amazing, just amazing. There are no words to describe the feeling when listening songs like Pain, Miss Katie, Transcendence or Lost Reflection.
May his voice be heard in Valhalla. Forever.

By: Markysan | Date: Jan 13, 2013 |
Midnight and the guys on 'Transcendence' will always be one of my favourite albums. No one can sing like Midnight did. What an amazing band.

By: Bagaméri András | Date: Dec 15, 2012 |
This is the best Midnight tribute page, thanks.
Greetings from Hungary!

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