Crimson Glory Midnight


Crimson Glory Midnight




Midnight- Resting in Peace

submitted by Dar on the second anniversary of His death

      It was 3:36 am on a Wednesday morning, July 8, 2009 when I got the call from His mother, Pat. from St. Anthony's Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. We both knew earlier that day that He would not last much longer if the doctors would not put Him on dialysis to pump start His kidneys (they wanted to wait 3 days to see if His kidneys would kick in by themselves). It was the beginning of the 3rd day and the prognosis was poor.

He hated the thought of even walking into a hospital, let alone an emergency center. He told me that He would never be some kind of 'science project" with probes stuck inside of Him. I found this out the hard way when I deliberately drove Him to Pasadena's ER the night of July 4th. I tried to get Him out of the car but He would not budge and told me that He would just tell them He was eating red popsicles, if they questioned Him as to why His mouth was covered in red. I screamed for the EMTs, who were nearby, to come over and take a look at Him, but since Midnight was fighting me every step of the way, this was a losing battle from this night on. I was never so angry in my life as I begged the 2 EMT's standing beside Him to do something for Him, but because He was alert and sitting up, and it was His choice, there was nothing they could/would do. You see, He got really sick on the drive home that night and I had to pull over, sadly, it was only a few hours earlier when we were sitting on the beach, that He told me 'this was the most beautiful night of His life and the most beautiful fireworks He had ever seen."

By His side two years ago today, were his mother, one of his two brothers, and one of his daughters who flew in from Texas. I had left the night before to give them some special time alone. When I got the news from Pat, I could not stop crying to the point of feeling so helpless and weak and lonely. I cried for 4 hours straight. These are the facts, and they cannot be disputed. Then the oddest thing happened to me, and I know some of you will shake your heads in disbelief and others will know exactly what I am talking about. When I was soo exhausted and finally went to lay down in the very bed that the paramedics carried Him out from, Midnight came to me and laid down beside me. He put His arms around me, kissed me on the cheek, and told me everything was going to be OK. It was a completely comprehensible and clear moment for me. I felt warm and protected and fell fast asleep. But the story does not end here...

Over the next few days, stranger things began to happen. One of my friends, who had previously flown down from Denver and stayed with us a few months earlier, called me and told me that Midnight came to her on July 9 and asked her to watch over me. She is not a 'myspacer or facebooker" and had absolutely no idea He even passed away and she wanted to know what was going on. When I told her He had died the day before, she was in total shock. Her and Mid had become friends while she vacationed down here. He loved Indians and she knew everything there is to know about their culture, so it was great pairing while I was away at work.

The very same day, one of Mid's friends from up north- Sins of Humor (SoH)- called the house and told me an even stranger story. He owned a glass musical snowball that sat on his dresser for years. It was broken and hadn't played music in ages, but that day, this snowball, out of the blue, started to work again, and it freaked him out. We both knew it was Mid's special way of letting this man know that he was deeply loved and appreciated. The habitually appearance of Midnight did not stop here. He continued to entertain me for a full year in my house. Why, you may be asking? There were many reasons, most I cannot openly discuss at this time.

One night, while I was playing His Descending into Madness CDs, He stuck His tongue out at me over the top of my computer and got me crying so hard, that I ended up laughing. Ironic as it was, Mid was a practical joker. He loved to make people laugh and His sense of humour was like no other. He had a tendency of being extremely bull headed (Taurus born, you know) and when He spoke of being in this world for over 2000 years, He believed it, though He would laugh if He heard me tell you this....

One of our favourite topics BESIDES HIS MUSIC (lol) was talking about his ex-girlfriends, death and dying. He had some pretty concrete theories about the subject of death and His foreboding knowledge had even me looking up some of His beliefs, in which I found to be correct! Midnight's strong inner feelings and notions of future misfortunes and evil in this world were reflective in every single lyric He wrote and sang about. He was the master of words, whether it be on love or hate. He continued to write music until His untimely death but those of us who are seeking answers in a cruel world where there seems to be none, can find solace and comfort in His music.