Midnight Crimson Glory


Crimson Glory Midnight


Pictures Running Through Your Mind
He's Always On Your Mind Look What It's Done To You
Scream I Know You Want To Scream
You Wish It Was A Dream But Morning Never Comes
So Let Me Introduce You To A Close Friend That I Hope You Never Meet
How Do You Do? Who Did You Screw?
Was It Your Best Friend? Was It Just Like Me Head?
What's My Name? My Name Is Pain Pain
So Let Me Introduce You To A Close Friend That I Hope You Never Meet
My Name's Pain
The Uninvited Guest's Come To Stay
I Will Leave The Suitcase Here Beside The Door
I Know You're Scared So Let Me Tell You More
She Sleeps Till Noon
She Drinks All Day Never Leaves Her Room
Well You Can Leave The T.V. On And Close The Door
She'll Cry Herself To Sleep In A Corner On The Floor
So Call Me Insane But You're To Blame
I Smell Your Sex And Fear Hey You Come Over Here
What's My Name? My Name Is Pain Pain Pain
How Would You Like To Pull The Strings?
My Expanse Of Pain
Like Diamond Rings
For Things With Wings And Fly Away
What Do You Say?
Pain Pain Pain
And If I Held You In My Arms Would You Feel My Arms At All?
And If I Walked You Through My Garden Would The Sadness Turn You On?
Pain Pain Pain
Pictures Running Through My Mind
He's Always On Your Mind Look What It's Done To You


All Night
Angels In My Mind
Fight The Evil For Exclusive Rights
To My Sanity
Red Lips Of Fear
Whisper In My Ear
You Better Leave Her Before It Kills You Dear
Please Don't Cry
So Carefully
I Packed My Dreams
All In Boxes Sealed With Memories
Wave Goodbye
Have We Wasted All These Years
All The Laughter And The Tears?
Once Upon A Time Our Love Was Fun
Now I Don't Remember
Just A Little Closer To The Sun
And These Trembling Wings Will Burn
But I Need To Feel It
But I Just Don't See In Your Eyes Any More
I've Lied For You
I've Died For You
Now I'm Bleeding Deep Inside You
Don't You Care?
Is There Anybody There?
Nobody Nobody There
All Night
Angels In My Mind
Fight The Evil For Exclusive Rights
To My Sanity

Black Sheep

If I Had An Idea I Could Figure It Out
If I Had A Clue I Could Solve The Rhyme
Give Me An Hour And I'll Blow Your Mind
At The Top Of The Morning With A Bottle Of Wine
I Found You In The Garden Hi You Roam
Try To Beg Your Pardon But You My Mind's Gone
Hey Hey Black Sheep Do You Have Any Weed?
Yes Sir How Much Do You Need?
Three Bags Full And A Bottle Of Wine
That's A Little Boy Blue That'll Blow Your Mind
Would You Still Be Coming Round If The Square Became A Star?
Would I Let You Down If I Threw Up In Your Car?
Hey Hey Black Sheep Do You Have Any More?
Yes Sir I Have But I Need To Score
Crash A While On Your Bathroom Floor
'Cause We'll Have Had Enough Yet I Need Some More
I Dreamed You In A Movie Woke Up In Your Car
It's Hard To Say I Love You When I Don't Know Who You Are

Seven Angels

Twisted Tongue And Broken Now There We Walk Around And Round
Artic Halls Are Drifting Grey Music That Nobody Plays
Ghosts Of Love Kiss And Tell Drowning In The Wishing Well
Deep Inside The Strangest Dream Is It You Who Waits For Me?

And The Sidewalk Is Going Nowhere The Seven Angels In The Sky
Take A Piece Of My Heart If You Want To Leave Me Please Don't Go
Take One Of My Wings If You Want To Fly Please Don't Go
Take A Few Of The Dreams We Shared And Keep Them Buried In The Snow

Warm Beneath The Snow

All For One And One For You It Doesn't Matter What You Do
Deep Inside The Strangest Dream Is Not The Safest Place To Be
Did You Feel The Shiny Knife Running Through Your Violent Life?
Take These Arms Of Pure And White But They Cut So Deep Into The Night

Deep Beneath The Snow

Warm And Safe Beneath The Snow
Please Don't

Monkey Song

Well I Came Across The Monkey Down By The Railroad Tracks
It Seemed To Me He Was In Need Of A Ride Upon My Back
And He Offered Me A Bottle And He Offered Me A Sack
And We Crossed That Mighty River And We Never Looked Back
But His Claws Were Sharp As Needles There's Scars Across My Back
But He Never Would Forsake Me Like So Many Others Have
There's A Storm Across The Valley It's Rolling Through The Trees
I'm Just Looking For Some Shelter For My Little Friend And Me
So I Feel The Same I Cursed The Rain And Walks More
Into The Forest Deeper Than I'd Seen Before
It Was Like A Full Moonlit Snow Fallen Dream
In A Cave High On The Mountain I Found An Angel With An Axe
He Was Waiting For A Sign From God To Know To Attack
And We Sat Around His Fire Telling Stories Drinking Wine
But He Spoke To Me In Riddles So I Spoke To Him In Rhymes
And I Sang Him A Story About The Lady That I Love
How I Gave Her All I Had What I Had Was Not Enough
And He Stood In The Fire And He Spoke An Ancient Prayer
With That Thunder On The Rocks Below We Knew That God Was There
So We Followed Him In Silence Down Across The Canyon Wall
He Was Floating In A Cloud Of Light Above The Waterfall
So We Sat There For Hours In The Flowers 'Neath This Tree
Just The Angel And The Monkey And The One You Know As Me
Then God Floated Down To The Flowers 'Neath This Tree
And He Looked At Me
And He Asked Me A Question What Is Love And What Is Pain?
And I Told Him That I Didn't Know 'Cause It All Feels The Same
And The Smile Of God Was Amazing As He Hammered In The Nails
But The Pain Felt Like Forgiveness I Was Going Quite Insane
He Said The Pain Will Make You Stronger And The Blood Will Keep You Warm
I'm Just Looking For Some Shelter Shelter From This Storm
And Ease The Pain Standing In The Rain As Before
Don't Be Afraid To Make The Change
Erase The Blame You've Got To Let It Go
Ease The Pain
Ease The Blame
And Make The Change
Son You've Got To Let Her Go
Going To Let Her Go
Let Her Go

TV Queens

Since Judas Lost His Faith
Things Just Ain't Been The Same Round Here No More
Sacred Things
Like Elvis Stamps And Some Talk Show T.V. Queens

I Heard You Sold Your Heart
You Bought A Mansion Shining Limousine
Twice Around The Park James
Twice Around The Park There You Go

And All The Bad Religion In My Veins
Has Got My Mind In Circles My Soul In Chains
My Disillusions Will Get Me Through The Day

T.V. Queens In Shining Limousines
Ride On Into The New Millennium
T.V. Queens Covered In Vaseline
Slide On Into The New Millennium

Hide And Seek

Ariel's Lost The Worm
And Heaven Won't Help Her Find It
Heaven Won't Help Her Find It
So She's Searching In The Garden All Alone
Heaven's Spilt Her Milk
And Ariel Is Laughing
Ariel Is Laughing
And The Laughter Fills The Kitchen Down The Stairs
And It's Times Like These Like A Blind Man In A Dream
I See The Colours Of My Life
And It's Some Of These I Need To Feel Alive
Take Me Any Shade You Like
But They Will Never Play
Hide And Seek Without Me
Hide And Seek Without Me
So I'm Hiding In The Bed Hiding In The Bed Hiding In The Bedroom Drinking Beer