Midnight Crimson Glory

Midnight Crimson Glory





submitted by Dar on the fifth anniversary of His death


Love cannot be measured by time

Anyone who ever met Midnight in the latter portion of his short lived life, knew that his practices and beliefs were founded in mysticism: the theory and practice of spiritual ecstasies. Although he was totally unpredictable and non-traditional, he literally was led by this spiritual quest for the absolute infinite perception of oneness.

To be clear of understanding, mysticism is now understood to encompass many other varieties of ecstatic experiences, including that of nothingness or of the disappearance of the soul, in which he was able to set aside his own ego, open up his mind and forgo material gain. His passion for writing, and creating poetic music derived from these internal thoughts about his feelings on life, love, death, darkness and light.

Though I would never ever put Midnight into any certain category, all forms of mysticism are found in all major types of world religions. But for him, his music alone emphasized a means of moving toward enlightenment, generally aimed at a unity with or absorption by the divine power of the universe. It was his means to capture the very essence of man kind, and then put it into words and make music out of it in a way that even the laymen could understand. A task not easily mastered by none other than a downright genius.

It would be completely irrational for me to say that Midnight knew a thing or two about every known subject known to man, but he truly did, and therefore, was able to create and possess some of the most beautiful lyrics ever sung. Even the music titles of some of his most beloved and most passionate songs provide the fundamental nature of his being, to include such song titles as Strange and Beautiful, Painted Skies, Deep Inside Your Heart, Heart of Steel, Love and Dreams, Seven Angels, Starchamber, In Dark Places, Far Away, Burning Bridges, LOVE SONG and even Sakada- which took him into a 10 yr hiatus from the lime lights and rock stage.

The name Sakada references the pattern in which it combines the clicks of the ‘cicada bug” where each species produces its own distinctive mating songs and acoustic signals, ensuring that the song attracts its soul mate along with hiding and going underground for long periods. I believe the paradoxes of his lyrics matched with the arrangement of his melodies and majestic voice were nothing short of magical and mystical and anyone that has ever listened to his music can testify to this!

Midnight was always true to himself, regardless of his surroundings. He was a kind, loving gentle soul in search of life’s great pleasures, but most importantly…love. Before I met him, I actually completed an astrological birth chart of his birth date on April 29, 1962. I have become quite cynical in my older stage and have theorized how relationships work, and have concluded that there must be synergy between two people based on four levels of commitment.

The synergy of our astrological relationship was phenomenal as the events in our world together unfolded. We matched on every level (emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical) and my Pisces sun-his Pisces moon are one of the finest indicators for star mates. As his last swan, and the last of many many loves in his life, I honestly know that deep within my heart our short-lived love life was meant to be until death did we part.

Midnight was the man descending into madness, the myth, and the music for me and will always be forever loved, fiercely missed and never forgotten. My one wish is that he and I had more time flying the magical carpet ride. For those of you who continue to keep him in your heart, a huge heartfelt thank you goes out to each and every one of you.