Crimson Glory Midnight


Crimson Glory Midnight




Noon - Midnight's Twin Sister

submitted by Ce-ce Cox

     In the mid-late 80's I was living in Tampa and working for various local bands running lights, tuning guitars, hauling gear… whatever I could do.  Actually I was sleeping on the sofa of a band "manager" who ran his company out of his apt.  One of the bands this person managed at the time was Crimson Glory.

This was while they were writing Transcendence and recording at Morrisound Studios.  I shared this living room with Midnight most of the time, he had the fold-out chair, and often enough there were various other band members or sponsors sleeping there as well. (I did a sketch of Mid sleeping on "my" sofa one day while he napped-which I still have). So as you might guess, I have some unusual memories of Mid and the rest of CG... most of which would mean nothing to anyone else, but there is one that I think his fans would enjoy... and does show his sense of humour.

It was Halloween of ‘87 or ‘88.  The local rock club (I think it was called the "Rock-it Club" at that point, but it might have still been the "Stadium Lounge"-same place)… anyway, they were hosting a costume contest that night and Midnight decided to enter.  He borrowed hose and heels that fit from one of the girls he was friends with, and a layered dress that we could cut up to rock out.  He padded the backside of the hose and stuffed a bra he'd also borrowed. He did his make-up and hair all teased and sprayed (it was the 80's) and called his costume a "Lady of the Night".

I introduced him around the club as Noon, Midnight's twin sister... and everyone believed me!!!! I think he won the contest, or maybe came in second to an excellent Peter Criss costume, but I do remember following another contestant out to the parking lot and she was fuming to her friend about how she "hated when a woman got away with that".  I asked her what she was talking about and she said "that" Lady of the Evening"!! I hate when a woman pulls sh*t like that!".  At this point I was laughing and finally stopped enough to tell her that it wasn't a woman!  It was a man! She was stunned and didn't believe me until Midnight, excuse me, Noon, came out and she got a closer look.  Then she felt somewhat mollified.  Mid and I went over to my truck where I stood guard with my cloak so he could change from Noon back into Midnight with mask before returning to the club to enjoy the rest of the night.

I wonder how many people besides me remember that night. I was driving so I only had one beer... I know the guys from Cruella D'Ville were there, and I would think the manager and his girlfriend might remember... It is possible that I might have a picture of Noon someplace, I don't know.  But I do remember and am deeply sorrowed to hear of his passing although not terribly surprised at the cause.  I will remember him laughing.


Midnight Sketch

Ce-ce Cox's sketch of Mid