Crimson Glory Dream Dancer

Dream Dancer, 1986

12" single Roadrunner #RR 24671

Side B contains a rare remix of 'Lost Reflection'

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Crimson Glory Crimson Glory





Crimson Glory, 1986

MC Roadrunner #RRC 9508
MC Par #86001C (USA) - includes 'Dream Dancer'
MC Moon Records #RR 9655-4 (Ukraine)       
LP Roadrunner #RR 9655  (Holland)     
LP Par #86001 (USA)
LP FEMS (Japan)
LP Roadrunner/Jigu #JRPL-1000 (Japan/Korea)
Picture LP Roadrunner (Holland)
CD Roadrunner #RR 9655-2 (Germany)
CD FEMS #MP32-5109 (Japan) 
CD FEMS #APCY2004 (Japan)
CD Roadrunner #RRCY-2020 (Japan)
CD Monsters Of Rock #MOFR 00176 (Russia)
CD (digipack) Metal Mind #1088 -  pressed on golden disc with 'Dream 
Dancer' as a bonus. Limited to 2000 hand numbered

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Crimson Glory Lady Of Winter

Lady Of Winter, 1988

7" single Roadrunner #RR 5450 7(Holland)
Side B contains 'Eternal World' 

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Crimson Glory Transcendence




Transcendence, 1988

MC Roadracer #RRC 9508 (USA)
MC Roadrunner #RR 9508-4 (Holland)
MC Roadrunner #RR 9508-4 (Thailand)
MC Moon Records (Ukraine)
MC (Malaysia)
LP Roadrunner #RR 9508 (Holland)
LP Roadrunner #JRPL-1010 (Korea)
LP MCA #6350 (USA)
LP Roadracer #RR 9508 (USA)
CD Roadracer (USA)
CD Roadrunner #RR 9508-2 (Germany)
CD FEMS #MP28-5334 (Japan)
CD FEMS #APCY2005 (Japan)
CD Roadrunner #RRCY-2021 (Japan)
CD (digipack) Metal Mind #1089 - pressed on golden disc with a remix of 'Lonely' as a bonus Limited to 2000 hand numbered Find it on ebay Find it on Amazon

Crimson Glory Lonely

Lonely, 1989

7" single Roadrunner #RR 5448 7(Holland)
12" single Roadrunner #RR 2448-1 (Holland) includes 'Dream Dancer'
CD single Roadrunner #RR 2448-2 (Germany) includes 'Dream Dancer'
CD single MCA #CD45-18026 (USA) promo CD single Roadrunner/FEMS (Japan) includes 'Dream Dancer' Find it on ebay Find it on Amazon

Crimson Glory The Last Night In Japan

The Last Night In Japan, 1990

CD War Hymns 

Recorded live at the  Club Monste  Kawaguchi Saitama 23 December 

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Crimson Glory Strange and Beautiful

Strange and Beautiful, 1991

MC Atlantic #7 82239-4 (USA)
MC Roadrunner #RR 9301-4 (Holland)
LP Roadrunner #RR 9301-1 (Holland)
LP Roadrunner #JRPL 1035 (Korea)
CD Atlantic #82239-2 (USA)
CD Roadrunner #RR 9301-2 (Germany)
CD Roadracer (USA)
CD FEMS #APCY-8045 (Japan)
CD (digipack) Metal Mind #0983 pressed on golden disc Limited to 2000 hand numbered Find it on ebay Find it on Amazon

Crimson Glory Song For Angels

Song For Angels, 1991

CD single Roadrunner #RR 5415-3

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Crimson Glory The Chant

The Chant, 1991

CD single Roadrunner #RR 2421-3

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Midnight Songs From The Attic

Midnight Songs From The Attic

Midnight - Songs From The Attic, 2000

This is actually the first solo release of Midnight. The recording of these 
songs were paid by Rob Lankford and Tim Fredenburg who were the 
executive producers. There are two different versions in existence. One 
that was circulated by Midnight himself (top photo on the left - 100 copies) 
and one by Bobby Kovacs (bottom photo). Both versions are CD-Rs It is 
said that the Kovacs version was made without Midnight's approval and 
both had big arguments at the time. 
Line up: Midnight (vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards)
              Bobby Kovacs (acoustic guitar, keyboards)

Tracks :Pain, Boxes, Black Sheep, 7 Angels, Ariel & Heaven

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Midnight M





Midnight - M, 2000

A legendary release, "M" was in fact a repressing of "Songs From The 
Attic" with a few bonus tracks and some added effects on the main songs. 
Initially it was pressed to 500 copies and was only available to the 
members of his forum but shortly after one could find it on very high prices 
on ebay and elsewhere. Lyrics were given by Midnight only to the first 100 
fans who bought the CD. Collectors should be VERY careful of various 
bootlegs circulating. The original is the only one that writes "Made In 
Canada" at the back.

At some point around 2006 Midnight himself re-released it on CD-R 
without the bonus tracks as he felt that they weren't the quality he 
wanted. These CD-Rs were all autographed and were sold on ebay and through myspace along with some promo photos. Tim Fredenburg who was handling Mid’s affairs at the time was helping him to sell some of his paintings too.
Line up: Midnight (vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, backing vocals) Bobby Kovacs (acoustic guitar, keyboards) Tracks :Pain, Boxes, Black Sheep, 7 Angels, Monkey Song, TV Queens, Hide & Seek, Big Bang Find it on ebay

Midnight - Sakada rough mix promo








Midnight - Sakada, 2005 (rough mix, unmastered copy) promo

This is the first promo CD that was circulated to journalists before the 
official release of the album. This is a "Rough mix, unmastered copy" and 
sounds very different than the official release. This unedited version is 
burned directly from the bands original final studio mix. There are 9 songs 
totalling 52 minutes. It is about 6 min longer than the final release and 
with different song order. It has also a different cover than the official 
release and contains the biography of Midnight (the same biography that
is available on this site)
Black Lotus Records pressed around 300 to 400 copies of this early promo
which were spread to journalists of the European metal & rock press.
Shortly after Midnight visited Athens, Greece, for the final mastering & 
production of the album. During his stay he also gave an acoustic set at 
the local club ‘Texas’. It was around the same time (March 2005) when he 
went on a promo tour in five European countries to support the release 
of Sakada. An unknown portion of this promo was destroyed when Black 
Lotus ceased to exist making this CD really rare to find. 
Midnight and Phil Anderson have been advertising through myspace that  
they would release this as the "original unreleased mix as it was intended".
Indeed a few CD-R copies (under 50) were sold this way.   
Line up: Midnight (vocals, acoustic guitar), Scott Gibson (electric guitars,
              bass), Phil Anderson (drums and percussion, washboard,
              maracas and Hammered Dulcimer). Guests: Ben Jackson (bass),
              Matte Wuolle (guitars), Dave Talkovic (bass), Keith Coker
              (Flute), Dave Steele (Banjo), Ronny Czyrny (acoustic guitar)
              Gerd Woelk (Bass), Tomazo (voice)
Tracks :Incubus, Berber Trails, Cat Song, Little Mary Sunshine, Miss Katie,
            War, Lost Boy, Pain, Sakada

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Midnight Sakada promo

Midnight - Sakada, 2005 promo

Promo CD of the Sakada album. No differences in the sound whatsoever 
with the normal release. Pressed in a slim  jewel case with slightly 
smaller cover. Biography is also included. Around 1000 copies were 
spread to journalists and the media worldwide. Same track list order 
as the album.

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Midnight Sakada



Midnight - Sakada, 2005

Black Lotus Records #BLRCD090

It was only released as a digipack (release date: 25 April 2005 - just a 
few days before Midnight's birthday). Ben Jackson (Crimson Glory) 
appears on one track. The artwork was made by the  mainman of Septic 
Flesh: Set<h> who was also the photographer of Midnight during those 
sessions and has worked on the artwork of bands such as Paradise Lost,
Caliban, Chris Caffery, Rotting Christ, Heaven Shall Burn and others. 
Line up: Midnight (vocals, acoustic guitar), Scott Gibson (electric guitars,
              bass), Phil Anderson (drums and percussion, washboard,
              maracas and Hammered Dulcimer). Guests: Ben Jackson (bass),
              Matte Wuolle (guitars), Dave Talkovic (bass), Keith Coker
              (Flute), Dave Steele (Banjo), Ronny Czyrny (acoustic guitar)
              Gerd Woelk (Bass), Tomazo (voice)
Tracks :Incubus, Berber trails, Little Mary sunshine, Miss Katie, War, Pain, 
            Sakada, Lost boy, Cat song

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Midnight Headache magazine

Headache Magazine sampler vol.4, 2005

'Sakada' was promoted heavily by Black Lotus Records. As a result many
magazines included songs of the album in their various samplers. The 
only such sampler where Midnight appears on the cover is from the 
Dutch magazine 'Headache'. It is the April/May 2005 issue and Midnight
is included with the song 'War'. He was also on the cover of the actual
Another rare item, comes in cardboard sleeve. The number of copies 
pressed is unknown. The magazine has ceased to exist a few years ago. 

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Midnight Warzone XXV Metal Invader

Metal Invader Warzone XXV sampler 2001

Another interesting and collectible magazine sample. Here you will find
a demo recording of 'Pain' from the 'M' sessions. A really nice recording 
at about 8 seconds shorter than the final 'M' version. Also sounds kind
of louder! This is the fifth known recording of the song 'Pain' available:
(M, Songs From The Attic, Sakada rough mix promo, Sakada and this one).
Sampler was released with the Greek magazine Metal Invader #56 in 
June 2001. Cardboard sleeve. Estimated run of 10.000 - 12.000 copies.
From time to time various Metal Invader Warzone CDs appear on ebay. 

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Genius A Rock Opera

GENIUS - Episode 1: A Human Into Dreams' World, 2002

CD Frontiers Records #FRCD112
"Genius"  is a rock/metal opera trilogy that consists of a total of 33 songs
in 3 releases. It is the project of keyboardist Daniele Liverani (Empty 
Tremor, Twinspirits, Khymera, Cosmics) and drummer Dario Ciccioni 
(Hartmann, Twinspirits, Empyrios, Khymera, Concept of Main Art, Opera, 
Centrica). Each release has various different vocalists as guests. Midnight 
appeared on the song 'Terminate' of the first part. This was his last pure 
prog/power metal recording. A powerful song that is characteristic of his 
exceptional talent. Midnight also contributes his voice on the last track 
just to speak out loud a couple of lines for the story.

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Crimson Glory - In Dark Places 1986 - 2000 BOX

Crimson Glory - In Dark Places…1986 - 2000, 2010

5CD BOX Metal Mind #MMP 5CD BOX007
A nevertheless interesting re-release of all Crimson Glory studio albums
remastered into a box of five CDs. The bonus tracks from Midnight’s era, 
include ‘Dream Dancer’, a re-mix of ‘Lonely’ plus the videos of ‘The Chant’ 
and ‘Lonely’. This box is limited to 1000 copies and includes a 60-page 
booklet. Apparently Crimson Glory did not authorize this release plus the 
other Metal Mind re-releases. The Polish label bought the rights from 
Roadrunner in 2007 that according to Crimson Glory’s argument they 
did not possess. A legal dispute is open.

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 All Souls Midnight

Unreleased material

The Lost Tape” – There are many stories about this recording. Midnight had teamed up with a local blues band and recorded Pain, Boxes, Seven Angels, Black Sheep, Monkey Song, and Tea For Two at Beyond Sound Studios in Sarasota with a guy named Angus. Full band recording. On a trip to Texas, Midnight lost the actual reel to reel multi track tape. No back ups were made and so the tape is presumed lost for good. At the time Midnight was trying to get a record deal and loosing the tape was a huge setback. 2007-2009 "M2- Descending Into Madness" - A total of 36 tracks in a 3 CD box. The main songs are on Disc 1 and Disc 2 while the 3rd Disc is bonus material. Midnight received payments in advance from some fans in order to send them the very first copies. Due to some delays he sent the “All Souls Midnight” release instead. There are still plans for it to be released but it is up to Midnight’s family if they do it. Lee Harrison owns the master tapes. Line up: Midnight (vocals, guitar), Matt LaPorte (guitars, programming), Lee Harrison (guitars), Phil Anderson (hammered dulcimer), John Zahner (keyboards), Zane Black (Keyboards) Tracks: CD1: Seven Angels, Doc And Kate, Descending Into Madness, Cold Caves, The Field, The End, Tea For Two, Black Sheep, Windows, Little Aquafina, Angel With An Axe, The Last Forever CD2: Pain, Sparrow, No One Ever Came, Carnival 1, The Plow, Love Song Piano, Egyptian Lullaby, Plastic Jesus, Boxes, Mermaids, The Deep, Arabian Nightmare CD3: Pomagranite Wine, Carnival 2, Garden Of Stone, What I Did Last Night, I Will Be There, Green Eggs, Gilligan, Silver Balloons, Seventeen, Sparrow 2, Love Song Acoustic, Motorcycles, Tales From The Caverns/Story "All Souls Midnight" - It was actually released by Midnight on a few CD-R copies (less than 100) to fill two situations. To sent it to those who have paid for M2 and to have something for sale at the Progpower Festival. Some copies were also sold through Midnight’s myspace page. "All Souls Midnight" is a very interesting work! It contains (never released before) acoustic versions of songs that Midnight wrote for Crimson Glory: 'Lost Reflection', 'Painted Skies' (with Jon Oliva guesting making this an amazing performance! -check our VIDEOS section), 'Transcendence' and 'Far Away'. There are a couple of M2 songs plus some Christmas songs Midnight recorded during the last days of Crimson Glory. Apparently those Christmas songs were long lost and found on a "weather beaten cassette tape" - according to an ad flyer. The last track is Midnight telling the story of how 'Lost Reflection' came to be. You can listen to those wonderful songs on Midnight's MySpace. The picture on the left was ment to be the cover. Line up: Midnight (vocals, guitar), Matt LaPorte (guitars, programming), Lee Harrison (guitars), Phil Anderson (hammered dulcimer), John Zahner (keyboards) Tracks :Lost Reflection, Painted Skies, Far Away, Transcendence, Carnical 1, The End, Mermaids, Carnival 2, Midnight Mass, What Child Is This?, Story Of Lost Reflection "Cover Songs" - Includes 20 covers of Midnight's favorite songs. Some of them are Matt LaPorte and Lee Harrison's favorites and there are some fan suggestions as well. There is also a heavier version of the "Sakada" track Incubus. Tracks: Battle Of Evermore, One, Possession, Sleeping In The Fire , The Thin Ice, Pocahontas, The Mob Rules, Delilah, Arms Of An Angel, Through Glass, Thrashers, Levee Breaks, Lightning Crashes, Going To California, House Of The Rising Sun, Overcome, In The Dream, Coming Home, Incubus 2, Sound Of Silence "A Strange Tea Party" 2DVD. A compilation of 24 tracks/clips in a double DVD format. Two of those clips ‘Little Aquafina’ and ‘The End’ are publicly available on youtube but with lesser quality than the originals. All this footage was filmed during the making of "M2- Descending Into Madness" and "Cover Songs". It is unknown if this will ever be released. Currently, Lee Harrison is the only owner of these clips.