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Midnight Myspace

Dedication To Midnight

Midnight Facebook Tribute Page

Crimson Glory Official Myspace

The Crimson Militia

A very Special Thanks to Lee Harrison (Atheist, Monstrosity, Hellwitch, Malevolent Creation) for his valuable help in providing us with loads of great information. Lee holds all of Midnights master tapes/tracks since 2007. He also has a lot of interview footage and various random footage outakes etc. He has over 67 gigabytes of Midnight related stuff that he created with him. He handled all of the recordings Midnight did since 2007 and owns the hard drives and all master tapes that were used in the creation of these recordings. He also produced and engineered all of that stuff.

Gary from the Heavy Metal Museum has probably the biggest collection of Crimson Glory and Midnight related items in the world! His input on making this website was very important and he supplied us with many useful pieces of information as well as with photos from some of Midnight's paintings (you can see those paintings on the "photos" section). Visit his website and don't forget to check his ebay store with 1000's of cool metal rarities!

Heavy Metal Museum


Midnight's banner from his first website

The "M" logo and the old banner were designed especially for Mid by Brian 'Progcop'

Note from the webmaster: Being a die hard Crimson Glory fan since the late 1980s I am proud that I have met Midnight. We spend some time together around the time of the 'Sakada' release. We worked together on that album and tried to make the best of it. I had the privilege to travel with him and to go through many adventures in various places around Europe. A few were quite serious, others just funny and many will reside in my memory forever. The most vivid memory that will always hunt me was that night in a small village somewhere in Holland. In front of just 5 people (apart from me no one else was into Crimson Glory or metal) he gave the most passionate, the most magical, the most amazing performance he could possibly give. Just him and his guitar... Words simply fail to describe those moments....


Midnight in Holland

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