Midnight's Attic

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many thanks to Neil/Satori for his help on this story

          The first website of Midnight was Midnight’s Attic located at the address MidnightsAttic.com It was a sort lived website, launched in early 2001 and lasted for about one year.

From May 2002 all contents were vanished and by typing the url into your browser you would be given the choice to either enter Ben Jackson’s website or safely exit to a Disney (?) page. The domain name was parked until early 2006 and was dropped shortly afterwards.

Today the domain name redirects to AllSoulsMidnight.com

As with The Midnight Mansion, Midnight’s Attic was basically a discussion forum. Again, a strong sense of community with members from all over the world discussing all sorts of Crimson Glory and Midnight related subjects. Most members of this forum were later to be found on The Mansion.

This is the period just before the release of “M” and apart from the board there was a section where visitors could pre-order the CD with the first 100 copies being signed by Mid. One could also listen to the song ‘Seven Angels’ and download a few freebies such as screen savers and winamp skins

The idea of going through many images to get to the website sections (see the other article about The Midnight Mansion) is also incorporated here but to a very small degree.

* All photos around this story are from Midnight’s Attic

* Below a screenshot of some of the forum's member list

* check archive.org for the archived website